Suzanne Corso

Sue Corso is the author of three novels: Brooklyn Story, The Suite Life, & Hello Hollywood, the last part of the trilogy; all three published by Simon& Schuster. She has also penned the screenplay to Brooklyn Story. Corso has produced for the New York and London stages Roman Nights.  She has produced two documentaries; Indonesia, A Personal Journey and HEAR THEM ROAR, shot entirely at the Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Citra, Florida. This documentary was the foundation that inspired her children’s book Sammy & Sue™ Go Green Too! (2009) an eco-friendly, environmentally educational book. Corso is currently developing several shows for television and is a columnist to Downtown Magazine NYC

Projects involving Suzanne Corso

Brooklyn Story

The spirited story about a girl’s lost innocence and dreams found just the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge . . . an affectionate, true-to-life tale of growing up, breaking away, and dreaming big.

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