Adrián Henríquez

Adrián Henríquez (Villa Clara, Cuba, 1987) graduated from the Manuel Ascunce Domenech art school with a specialty in theatre. He dedicated his first years as a graduate to serving as an actor, director and screenwriter of different projects and plays. In 2009, he arrived in the United States, where he had to work in multiple trades, from cooking at a McDonald's, luggage loader, ticket salesman at a bus company, cinema cleaner or stevedore of Dell computers, none of this managed to drive him away. of his passion ... writing.

In 2015, he finishes his first novel, 'The Capture of the Shadowboy', a story that immerses readers in an adventure of spies and action with a historical background that has captivated all its readers.

2018 is a very productive year. He launches the second part of his spy saga based on the life of the mythical 'Shadowboy'.

'To the Rescue of Irina'. In this new instalment, Adrian immerse the reader in the intricate world of sex slaves under the control of the Mexican cartels.

'Alliances' The third instalment comes a few months later, in it the saga continues; this time with new characters joining the story.

That same year he also published the graphic novel based on his first novel; 'To The Capture of the Shadowboy'. With illustrations created by Dianely Reyes Oliva, and Ruben Alejandro Vallejo.

'The Last Contract', his fourth novel, was completed a few months later.

'The Survivors', the first part of the saga, was published in 2019.

A fan of all kinds of martial arts (he practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the renowned Gracie Barra academy), he is addicted to UFC fights.

He resides with his wife in Nashville, Tennessee.

Projects involving Adrián Henríquez

The Hunt For Shadowboy

The last survivor of a German U-Boat that disappeared during WWII is in Cuba. A group of mercenaries will try to capture the old spy.

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In a future patriarchal society living undersea, the sailors of the only submarine crewed by women strive to avoid life as sex slaves for forced reproduction.

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The Last Contract

A Cuban ballerina enters the world of prostitution after a traumatic rape. Her revenge depends on an alliance with a professional assassin.

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