Mariela Garriga

Mariela Garriga was born in Havana, Cuba, of Italian, English, Spanish and French ancestry. Her dream was to be an archeologist, but destiny had something else in store for her as she begins her career at age 13, as a professional dancer for Stage and TV. After a stint as a model in Italy, she trains at the Michael Rodgers Acting Studio in Milan, going on to train at the Terry Schreiber Studio and The Actors Studio in New York She is known for Law & Order: SVU, NCIS: Los Angeles and Bloodline.

With many difficulties of growing up in a communist country, Mariela learned the value of even the small things in life . She admires those who strive to reach their dreams. She endeavours to live a life of kindness and a positive energy .

Demo Reel

Bloodline - Official Trailer
Sombra City - Preview Trailer

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“Those who teach more about humanity aren’t always human” - Donald L. Hicks"

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